Sunday, November 14, 2010

ISLAM and MUSLIMS : definitions and descriptions.

1.What is your religion?

2.Who is a Muslim?
Muslim is any person, anywhere in the world, who submits himselfs/ herselfs to the will of the One True God. He/ she also organizes his/her life according to the teaching of the last Prophet of God.
A Muslim is one who practice Islam.

3.Where do the name 'ISLAM' and 'MUSLIM' come from?
These are God-given names, found in the al-Quran.
al-Quran is the Holy Book of Islam and believed to be the final revelation from God.

 the only (true) way of life (religion) in the sight of the God is ISLAM. (quran chapter 3 verses 19)

It is He who has named you MUSLIMS, both before and in this (revelation);...(22:78)

4. Does ISLAM have any meaning?
Yes. these Arabic language words are not mere identification labels, but carry some meanings. tehse are descriptive titles.

ISLAM means total submission or self-surrender to the will of the One True God. It has a further shade of meaning: PEACE, SECURITY, WELL-BEING, and WHOLENESS.
in fact, these meanings are not separate, but are related to each other. Thus, ISLAM is the attainment of deep personal and community fulfillment through a loving and total submission to God's will.

MUSLIM means one who is in a state (condition) of submission to God's Will. Thus we say that any person, anywhere in the world, at any time in history, whosoever submits to the will of the One True God, would be termed as a MUSLIM.

*source-Islam and Muslim: Discover
(this post is based on the questions asked by a Korean Visitor to Blue Mosque on 1st November,  2010).

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